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We are the preeminent service provider of 911 Data Analytics for Public Safety Answering Points. Our data analytics and visualizations set the standard for usefulness, reliability and ease of use. We employ sophisticated tools that are easy to use and provide a great value to PSAP managers and other public safety officials that need timely and accurate information.

Our service-based model ensures that the information you need is always available and our team is available 24/7 to assist you. No matter the need, our 911 professionals are ready to help with routine matters or urgent analysis of complex issues. We have a proven track record of outstanding performance.


Our 30-year history is marked by innovation. Our team built and deployed the nation’s first networked MIS system for hundreds of PSAPs. In 2006 we teamed with the National Science Foundation to perform landmark research in the field of 911 Data Analytics and Visualizations. Public Safety Network Americas deployed the first large scale analysis of wireless 911 call routing where we acquired data from over 200,000 antennas and determined the optimal routing to the appropriate agency. Additionally, most of the reverse 911 and emergency notification products and services in use today employ technology patented by our team of scientists and engineers.

911 Logix

911Logix is a web based analysis service provisioned by Public Safety Network Americas. Our team has a combined experience base of 100+ years in Public Safety, Information Technology and Data Analytics. PSAPs need answers to basic call statistics to efficiently operate the call center.

How many calls does an agency handle? How quickly are they answered? PSNA’s technology provides public safety agencies with solutions to operational challenges. 911LOGIX is a product designed to offer a seamless, efficient way to receive information on agency performance without any investment in hardware or software. 911LOGIX is a network-based management information service available via secured access over the internet. With this access. 911LOGIX gives an agency a tremendous amount of information on 911, ten digit emergency and Text to 911 calls. This information can be presented in simple graphs, tables or advanced visualizations. Additionally, sophisticated mapping, and alerting features can be sent to your desktop or mobile device. In every industry, one company stands out from the rest as a technology innovator. In 911 and public safety, that innovator is Public Safety Network Americas.

Wireless Optimization

Public Safety Network Americas has developed and deployed large scale 911 Wireless Call Routing technologies in thousands of antennas across America. We pioneered the utilization of empirical call data for more efficiently routing wireless 911 calls. Our optimization technologies ensure that calls are routed to the most efficient PSAP. This minimizes response times and improves emergency service. Additionally, we employ sophisticated data mining techniques to identify errors in 911 call data so that improvements can be made to integrity of the information that accompanies a wireless 911 call. Our Wireless Technical Overview Service (WTOS) has been successful in identifying and correcting data anomalies in tens of thousands of cellular antennas.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics has become a critically important driver of business success across many industry sectors, but many business leaders say they don’t think their companies are equipped to make the most of it. We believe that the Public Safety Industry is often guilty of being a late adopter of integrating the advantages of Data Analytics. Public Safety Network America has a mission to change this.

To take advantage of Data Analytics, organizations need to invest in four things: data-savvy people, quality data, state-of-the-art tools, and processes and incentives that support analytical decision-making. Public Safety Network Americas provides these elements so that individual PSAPs or Public Safety Agencies do not have to directly invest and maintain expensive staffing and systems; we provide data analytics as a service. This ensures that your agency is provided with the most current technologies and your operations are continually ahead of the curve instead of playing catch-up.


Our patent portfolio covers a wide range of technologies related to wireless call routing, emergency notification, and the transportation and control of our nation’s most highly regulated materials.


Our team has partnered with the National Science Foundation, UCSD Supercomputer Center, Scripps Institute and the California Office of Emergency Services in several groundbreaking research projects. Our initiatives helped establish the foundation for modern predictive analysis in public safety. We pioneered technology that proved statistically verifiable attributes of 9-1-1 temporal-spatial call patterns. This allows emergency managers access to critical real-time data for situational awareness and post incident analysis.


Public Safety Network Americas uses the latest technologies to ensure that our clients are accessing the best possible solutions. Data safety and security are top priorities in any business but especially with public safety.

We utilize Microsoft Azure Government Cloud computing and Duo Multi-Factor Authentication technology to keep our client’s data safe and secure.


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